“The light within can elevate us to heights we’ve never dreamed possible. Once you realize that God, the Light, the infinite intelligence, whatever you want to call it, is inside you, you will realize, like I have, that nothing is impossible.” Wayne Dyer

Ann-Marie and Helen warmly invite you to their Spring Soul Retreat in the beautiful countryside of Normandy in France. This is a wonderful opportunity to dive into your heart, find a space of grace and open up to your true spirit.

We all have great potential within us and we are here to live a life of great joy, freedom, bliss, passion, prosperity, vitality, well-being, happiness and love. We are of course all work in progress and like any great masterpiece their is tweaking and polishing to be done. That is what our time together will be about and in the co-creation of this retreat we will all align to our higher being and get clearer on who we are and want we want our lives to be.

Ann-Marie and Helen will be holding the space with great love and integrity helping you to come home to yourself with kindness and self acceptance – ready to fly free and create your own heaven on earth! So do come and join us and say YES to yourself and your beautiful life. Harnessing the principle of the law of attraction will be underpinning the process along with meditation, self enquiry, movement, dance, self expression and deep surrender.

What is Vital Attraction?

• A method that brings us into alignment with what we want that is sustainable, fun, uplifting and authentic
• A way of expanding our view of reality, gaining knowledge that will inspire us to awaken and embody the true potential we have within
• A new way of looking at the world that allows us to blast through limitations, worry and fear
• An opportunity to express ourselves with a loving, flowing and accepting spirit

Learning how the Universe works and about its natural Laws allows for a deeper awareness of our old limiting beliefs and more importantly how to simply focus your attention on what you want to feel and create instead. Using these natural processes along with movement and dance can be truly uplifting, life-changing and something that can be used on a daily basis in all situations, helping your heart to soar and your spirit to vibrate to the highest level of creation.

Our retreat will be held at the stunning Mill Retreat Centre in Normandy France which is situated in a spectacular setting with over 30 acres of woodlands, lakes, rivers and is a paradise for a huge variety of creatures from wild boar and deer to water mammals such as otters and over 40 species of birds. The accommodation is elegant, spacious and bright with high quality, delicious and healthy food.

Cost: £690 in a shared room or £790 in a private room – all inclusive of accommodation, food and facilitation.

Payment Details:Cheques payable to: The New Dawning, 7 Downland Road, Upper Beeding, West Sussex, BN44 3JS. BACS – The New Dawning, Acc: 06371698 Sort Code: 09 01 50. Ref: Soul Retreat

Getting There: The Mill Retreat Centre is: 100 miles due south of Calais; 75 miles north of Paris, or 35 miles east of Dieppe and is surprisingly easy to get to, only 3.5 hrs journey from London by train and car. Alternatively take the Eurostar train from London to Calais (1hr) and be picked up by the centre’s minibus for the 2hr drive to the Mill.

Mill Retreat Centre, Moulin de Breteuil, Route Treport (D316), Montmarquet, Lafresguimont-Saint-Martin 80430 Nr. Aumale, FRANCE Directions and Maps

Testimonial From Previous Retreats:

“I have had one of the best weekends of my entire life at the Soul Retreat with some of the most Beautiful people I have ever met. Thank you to all of you who gave so much of yourself to bring about such a huge transformational change over such a short time. This Retreat is a Real Game Changer, and for anyone who is looking to deepen their connection with their beautiful soul and live life in all its fullness it’s one not to miss when it comes around again. The food was out of this world! When is the next one , my bags are packed ready” Augustina x x x

“Words cannot really express the process I have gone through this weekend. I have been through the most astonishing, empowering, clarifying and illuminated journey with 2 extremely beautiful & skilful facilitators.
Thank you from the bottom of my newly opened heart” Kaye

“This was the most amazing retreat! Beautifully facilitated by Ann-Marie and Helen.
They facilitated a wide variety of exercises that took us through the essence of Law of Attraction, by meditation, self reflection, creativity, deepening awareness of our stories, dancing our new stories into being, and a most beautiful ceremony of blessing on the Saturday evening.
If you haven’t been on a Vital Attraction Retreat……you’ve missed something special…..sign up for the next one and see for yourself what it brings into your life…..as it’s life changing!”Chris