I am delighted to bring together this unique programme designed to open up the pathway to the deeper calling of your heart. This 6 week programme will enable you to:

• Align you to your true potential and purpose
• Free up stagnant energy allowing joyous connection to Source
• Allow you to dive in and create heaven on earth
• Help you return to your natural innocence, fun and co-creation

Why 6 weeks?

This period of time builds momentum around your desires, allowing space for processing the road blocks and time for reflection along the journey.

What’s involved?

• Your commitment to you
• Your commitment to me
• A change of mind set with you at the heart
• Self Enquiry, meditation and reflective process between sessions
• Law of attraction principles, imagery and authentic discovery

Helps with what?

• Relationships
• True purpose
• Abundance & prosperity
• Self confidence
• Self love
• Limited behaviour, self sabotage or feeling stuck
• Spiritual awakening


• Building a bridge to your vision
• Tools and techniques to follow through
• A clear understanding of how energy creates your reality
• Trusting your own inner guidance system
• Living and dancing from the beat of your own heart
• Surefootedness and a vitality for life
• Living in a state of grace

Why Ann-Marie?

Ann-Marie has 20 years of walking a path to deep surrender and authenticity. She has a melting pot of training & experience in massage, reflexology, healing, meditation, hypnotherapy, nlp, ceremony, facilitation and self development – bringing humour, love and clarity whilst cutting through the spiritual jargon.


• £600
• Home work
• An open heart and willingness to be free

• 6 x 1.5 hr sessions
• 1 x half hour phone/face time call if needed
• Follow through support and handouts
• Encouragement, love and a held vision