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If you are ready to be a co-creator and step into your true authentic self – then these sessions are for you…

Law of Attraction is a simple yet profound ‘law’ that governs how we live and what we create in our lives.
Quite simply ‘like attracts like’ and the energy transmitted by our thoughts, beliefs, actions and words are creating our reality.
Nothing happens ‘by accident’ and once we realise this we can start to become a conscious creator and life then becomes fun, flowing, easy delicious and expansive…..

Come and join Ann-Marie for a one to one to help you align to your Vortex of Creation and start to shift your energy to the joy of life. With years of experience under her belt Ann-Marie will be able to help you get back on the path of least-resistance to gain focus and clarity in the areas of your life that matter to you, enabling you to live with purpose and vitality and have the life you deserve!

£1hr session £65

“That Which Is Like Unto Itself Is Drawn… Everything that you perceive here in your physical environment is Vibration, and the life you are living is your Vibrational interpretation.
The powerful Law of Attraction is at the root of everything that you experience; and the stable, never-changing, always-accurate premise of this Law is: that which is like unto itself, is drawn.
When you give thought to something, you begin the attraction process of the essence of that subject into your own life experience. Once you have activated a Thought Vibration within yourself by giving your attention to the subject, the progression of expansion occurs.”