Working in the Holistic Field since 2000, Ann-Marie brings together a melting pot of experience, energy and harmony with those she works with. Not only is she a fully accredited facilitator and trained in ceremony & meditation, she also understands what it means to be ‘real’ and authentic when holding a space. Her passion is to enable people to create the lives they wish for and come home to their natural flow, joy, vitality and heart centered way of living.

Abundance & Prosperity Course – over 3 Sundays starting 28th January, then 25th February & 11th March from 11am till 4.30pm at Jane’s Place, Hove.
Are you ready to receive your abundance and tap into the natural flow?
Ready to embrace your inherent talents and skills as a way to unlock your wealth?
Looking to increase not only financial abundance but abundance in every area of your life?
Feel excited about the principles of law of attraction and ready to allow more to flow to you?
Then do come and join me for this uplifting, inspired and fun workshop……

We all have potential for prosperity and abundance and the Universe wants this for you too. It is easy and natural and money and wealth is a vibration just like anything else. For many we have learnt to play small and meek and not be greedy! We have many old stories running the show that limit our good but deep down there is a river of richness waiting to be tapped into, it is yours and nobody elses. When your cup is full, you not only feel good but you have so much more to give back – and so the never ending flow of abundance continues.
Let’s make 2018 the year you unlock the dam in your river allowing a never ending waterfall to gush forth, allowing in all you desire and deserve. Full details here

I am delighted to be working with my dear friend Helen Thatcher and offering  ‘Vital Attraction’ workshops, courses and retreats.
Vital Attraction is revolutionary synthesis of the Law of Attraction teachings and Vital Development. This is a unique combination that allows participants to align to their full potential. It empowers you to focus on what you wish to create, uses the natural laws of like attracts like and embodies these feelings to create and live lasting change with ease. The Vital Attraction team have proven results in enabling participants to believe in themselves and totally embrace their natural gifts and true magnificence. Whether you wish to improve your health and vitality, make a change in your work life, feel more abundant, create loving and harmonious relationships or increase overall happiness Helen and Ann-Marie can help you to realise this.

“Thank you for such a special 6 weeks together. I can’t begin to tell you how transformational and lovely its been to share with you all. It’s been a pleasure seeing everyone including myself become more joyful, light hearted and loving. Thank you Helen and Ann-Marie for creating such a safe space, so much creativity and fun I left every week feeling amazing, in the flow and singing at the top of my lungs in the car full of joy…all from just a few hours of activities and have really manifested some beautiful things and feel so grateful for just being. It’s been an absolute joy and worth every penny and more” Aiyanna”

Retreats for 2017….. Autumn Soul Retreat – 27th to 29th October – Didlington Manor, Norfolk – The Vital Attraction team create a beautiful, safe, loving and fun environment for you to get perspective on what you want and more importantly how you want to feel – not just while your at the retreat but everyday of your life! This retreat will help you remember the natural, easy and vibrant way of living and re-ignite your connection to your inner being, which will in turn enable you to connect in a more authentic way to everyone you encounter.
There is a part of you who instinctively knows this and a part of you that is wanting more alignment, joy, love, abundance and vitality – so say yes to yourself and commit to creating the life you DESERVE! Autumn is the perfect time to havest your dreams and desires and to also trust the seasonal flow of letting go… Full details here
“Didlington Manor is a stunning location – I couldn’t think of a more perfect place! The food was stunning, wholesome, healthy and delicious! Helen & Ann-Marie are a magnificent pair and compliment each other so well. The combination of dance and law of attraction teachings fit perfectly together – this weekend has far exceeded my expectations!” Lottie