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Sleek & Beautiful

A Mighty Companion on the Spiritual Awakening Journey


"I believe that as we wake up and walk this path home, we cant help but shine and extend the Love that we are. I like to see it as a Divine ripple, which grows stronger as each one of us commits to shining our light” Ann-Marie Marchant - The Ripple of Awakening

We all have a common goal, whether we realise it or not! We all want to be at peace, happy, connected and have loving and healthy relationships, but life doesn’t always seem to deliver.

You may be questioning the meaning of your life right now, be at a crossroads, feeling stressed, overwhelmed or in the midst of a life crisis, such as a bereavement, divorce, illness, breakdown or trauma. Within you right now, there is a deep calling to know the truth and be at peace.

This feeling is more common than you think, and there is another way to be and live a life of harmony and grace. Socrates summed it up so beautifully “To know theyself is the beginning of wisdom”. That was my own experience and subsequent awakening journey, and now I help support people to remember who they are too, and come home to a place within themselves that is unchangeable, unshakable, whole and innocent. In short, we are waking up to our Soul’s calling and the truth within our precious heart. You are not alone!

I support people with one-to-one mentoring and realigning mind – body – spirit. This is done through shifting the beliefs, judgements and incessant self-talk of the mind. The mind is like a projector, projecting everything onto the screen (the world), and most of us were taught to change the screen outside of us, but this never works my friend. We have to come back to the source - to the mind that created it, and only then, will what we see in the world change. As we align to our natural state of being and join with our Higher Power, so we can have a sustained shift in our lives. We can then live a guided life that is inspired by Love, and we are then able to shine the light that we are, without apology.

My first book, The Ripple of Awakening – A Mighty Companion of the Spiritual Awakening Journey, is such a homecoming, and describes my own pathway from pain to peace, fear to love and despair to trust. Come join me, take my hand and let’s make the holy shift together.

If you would like to know more about one-to-ones, A Course in Miracle mentoring, meditation, Spirit Guided readings or Spiritual Awakening support, please do Contact me for a free half hour discovery chat. 

Freedom to be you and awaken to your true self

Sleek & Beautiful

The Ripple of Awakening (book)

A Mighty Companion of the Spiritual Awakening Journey. For sale now.

Sleek & Beautiful

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