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Remember Me – Christine Currah

Remember me when I am gone
But not with sorrow, pain and grief
Think of me as a turning leaf
That in the winter falls from its branch
To be born again in spring
And live forever in your heart

Funerals & Memorial Services

Death is a natural and inevitable part of the circle of life and something that we will all have to cope with at some time. The culture surrounding death and dying is evolving as more people reclaim their right to find their own ways of being with this deeply moving experience. We are free to choose funeral rites that make sense for us and empower us, rather than following a prescriptive structure.

Whether your loved one had a particular religion/faith or no religious inclination a meaningful ceremony is of immense importance not only for family and friends to say good bye but to be able to celebrate the life and journey they had.

As a Funeral officiant and celebrant in Sussex, Ann-Marie can help you create a very personal and meaningful funeral ceremony and/or memorial service to honour your loved one.

A personal funeral service

Apart form a traditional funeral service held at a crematorium there are other alternative options which you may not have thought about, such as woodland or green burial ground, a service at your home, garden, or a favorite place in nature.

The funeral planning process can be incredibly moving, healing and cathartic and just as important in the grieving process as the actual funeral.

If desired, your participation along with family and friends is to be encouraged on the day, so please feel free to add your own blessings, prayers, songs, anecdotes, readings etc.

At the funeral you may also choose to release balloons, plant a tree, have a fire, light candles, throw flowers – petals or herbs on the coffin, let children decorate a stone or dedicate a crystal to their loved one, or an alternative idea of your choice.

How Ann-Marie can help you

The Eulogy (A written tribute and speech praising and sharing those who have passed)

The eulogy is of great importance as you mark this transition of the ending of your loved one. It can seem a little overwhelming to have to write about your loved one and share the story of their lives. Ann-Marie is more than happy to guide you and help with pointers about what to say in your eulogy and if you prefer can read the eulogy on the day of the ceremony. This can take the pressure of an already emotional day.

Funeral Poems & Music

The right music, poems and prayers can really give light and grace to any funeral. Ann-Marie will be able to help you choose appropriate and meaningful words and music for the funeral, if you feel you need that guidance. You can of course write your own poems and anecdotes which are personal to you. She will be able to support that process and if needs be read on your behalf on the day of the funeral. If, however, you wish to read yourself Ann-Marie is there in the background to help keep timings and of course be a friendly, loving presence. She also has a list of beautiful funeral poems and readings for you to choose from if required.

Order of Service

Ann-Marie will help you construct the order of service and give you pointers as to what to include. This again is an opportunity and fitting memorial to your loved one and something that will be treasured and kept by those who attend the funeral. Ann-Marie will be there to help and support you along this very personal and important journey and give as much or little input as you wish – respecting you and your loved ones desire for the perfect send off and celebration marking their lives.

One to One Support & Healing

The grieving process is a natural part of our healing (see attached PDF on grief) and sometimes we can feel a little overwhelmed with what is happening to us. Ann-Marie offers a safe, loving & non-judgmental space to hear you and support you through your transition and will work with you to find some clarity and peace around your unique and natural grieving process.

Fees – £220
Plus 40p per mile if 30 miles or more outside of Upper Beeding, West Sussex

Memorial Service

Memorial services take place after the body has been buried or cremated, so there will be no body at the service (though cremated remains may be present). During the service, people may say prayers, deliver eulogies, read passages from scripture or literature, or sing songs.

Memorial services may take place soon after the death, or may take place on anniversaries of the death. Memorial services may be held in traditional locations, such as a religious place of worship, or in an alternative location with personal significance, such as a park or a family home.


“Len and I had not at anytime discussed his dying let alone a funeral service so I was quite at sea as to what to do. Saying goodbye to someone you love is very hard and to have a friend to help you through a difficult time was a real blessing. Ann-Marie was able to guide me through what was a humanitarian funeral which catered for mine and Len’s beliefs. Ann-Marie brought so much love and understanding into our discussions as to what I wanted for Len. Your emotions are running almost out of control and there was part of me which would have been quite happy to forget what was going on. Ann-Marie is there to help with the details and give you ideas as to what may be appropriate for the service. Ann-Marie is there to help anytime with a listening ear being empathetic to your own personal situation. I was very grateful for all that she did for us. I would be happy to recommend Ann-Marie to anyone who would like her help at such a traumatic time for all those involved, before, during and after the funeral. Love and blessings”  Fiona, Pulborough

“When we first met Ann-Marie we both felt confident and assured of her spirituality and compassion and we felt very comforted by her helpfulness and kindness towards us. She talked us through the whole funeral service, asking for our requirements and helping us both to feel we were being helped by a confident, spiritual person. She attended to sorting out the dates and times at the crematorium and the funeral directors, extremely efficiently. When the day of the service came, everything ran smoothly, with an atmosphere of celebration of our mother’s life and a positive hope for the future. We would totally support Ann-Marie in promoting herself as a minister with the intention of helping others when they need sympathetic, comforting guidance at their times of sadness. Peace and blessings.” Alan & Irene Frost, Steyning

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.