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Loss of a Pet & Pet Loss Ceremonies

pet photoOur pets can be our closest and dearest friends and companions. When they die it can be a very painful time indeed. Quite often we have to make the decision to have our pets put to sleep and this can also be very challenging and upsetting.

Ann-Marie knows this so well having had to go through this process with her beautiful dog of 13yrs, Monty the Dalmatian. However, she also knows that the kindest thing to do is give dignity to our pets and let them go with love.

Ann-Marie offers heartfelt pet funeral services and memorial services at the location of your choice to mark this poignant time and help you through the loss and grief that you may be feeling.

A personal ceremony

The service can be at your home or at a significant place that has meaning to you. We will discuss exactly what your purpose and intention is for your pet funeral ceremony and I will help support and guide you to achieve your wishes.

Honouring a pet is so important and allowing your relationship to be celebrated is a wonderful gift you can give in memory of them.

You can choose music, poetry, photos, personal items or anything else that is dear to your heart or an alternative idea that feels right for you.

Please trust what feels right for you, as this will always be right for everyone else.

Fees – £150 (includes initial consultation and the ceremony)
40p per mile will be charged if 30miles outside of my home in Upper Beeding, West Sussex

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