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Space For Grace Inspirational Talks

May 11, 2020 @ 7:30 pm - June 8, 2020 @ 9:30 pm


Inspiring Talks & Interviews with Ann-Marie…


Meditate with Ann-Marie

I am delighted to bring together a wonderful series of talks and interviews with inspiring souls who live from their heart and walk the walk. They will be sharing their expertise and offering insights, practical advice and wisdom from their own particular field and I have no doubt you will come away feeling inspired, touched and open to new opportunities in your own lives.

These talks are intended to also help you understand how we can live a spiritual life whilst being in the material world and combine metta physical, practical and universal principles to live a fulfilling, meaningful, joyous, loving and abundant life.

Each session will go live at 7.30pm via zoom and will finish between 9pm and 9.30pm depending on how it flows…. We will have an opportunity for a live Q & A included in the last half hour of the session. Please either submit questions before hand or as you feel inspired on the evening.

Spaces must be booked and paid for before the session at a price of £10. If you can’t make the session but would like a recording, this to can be purchased for the same price.

Contact me at: marchantannmarie@yahoo.co.uk to book your place.


Your Speakers…

Sarah Cox – Monday 11th May 7.30pm. Creating a Life and Heart-Centred Business using the principles of the Law of Attraction and a Whole Lot of Love. 

Sarah is a natural psychic and healer. She has always had many spiritual experiences which culminated in her decision to train as an Interfaith Minister and was ordained in 2007. She has always trusted her guidance and intuition. In this talk Sarah will share will us how powerful our thoughts and energy are and how to harness the life force that spins our planet and beats our heart. This energy is available to everyone and what we focus on we create. Her whole business was created without a business plan and purely on her guidance from Source and the principles of the law of attraction. She will share some of those principles and how you can use them in your own life.

“In 2012 I started my business Zephorium on a ‘wing and a prayer’. The whole concept was gifted by my guides. I had been working as an energy healer, medium and teacher for many years, and I knew if I was to enter the world of business, I only wanted it to be based on strong principles that felt right to me. I have loved the teachings of Abraham Hicks for years and ask for daily guidance to run my company. I use all the teachings of The Law of Attraction to create a heart-based company grounded in love and kindness. To some, my decision making may seem strange, but I only do what ‘feels right’. My staff are held in the highest regard and work in a circle of respect and consideration. My Zephorium family is growing into an international company and I feel very blessed to be steering it into calm waters.” Website


Annie & John Campbell – Monday 18th May 7.30pm. Healthy, Holy and Intimate Relationships

Annie and John will share their journey of healing their past pain and grief around relationships and will enlighten you into the real purpose of intimate relationships and the myth of ‘romance’ and what that feeling of ‘falling in love’ really is. They will discuss the crucial need of forgiving our parents in order that we break the cycle of picking partners who have the same negative patterns as these original carers as well as how releasing guilt will improve your relationship including your sexual relationship.

They both practise and study A Course in Miracles and will bring in their understanding of the Course principles of the need to let go of all grievances to truly create an authentic, loving, harmonious and unconditional loving relationship.

Annie is a neuroscientist and former award winning documentary maker. Annie had a profound Spiritual Awakening after her husband of 27 years died of cancer in 1998. This led her to finding ‘A Course In Miracles’ and, by practicing its principles, she was able to come out of her deep depression and eventually find peace and joy in her life.

John is a former sea captain and spent twenty years in a very egocentric and dysfunctional oil trading enterprise in Nigeria. It was this that eventually brought him to his knees and in 1997 he suddenly heard a voice in his taxi while on his way back from visiting the Gaddafi regime in Libya, which changed the trajectory of his life. On returning to England he decided to give up drinking and his oil business and his first steps on his Spiritual journey began and ‘A Course in Miracles’ found him. John’s synchronistic meeting with Annie became a pivotal moment on this journey. He now works with Annie in teaching the practices of ACIM in relationships and sexual education. Website


‘Brain Sex’ by Dr Anne Moir and David Jessel

‘Why Men Don’t Iron’ by Dr Anne Moir & Bill Moir

‘A Mind To Crime’ by Dr Anne Moir and David Jessel

‘The Secret of Intimate Relationships’ by John Campbell


Kat Byles – Monday 25th May 7.30pm. From Burnout to Bliss – Creating your Business from Source 

Each and every person has a True Business, a business so natural to you it doesn’t feel like work. We discover it when we listen to our hearts, our true nature and purpose. During this talk you learn about this pioneering way of being in business that leads with your creative spirit and honours your heart. We will dive into your imagination, connect to Source and explore the wealth and contribution of your legacy to the world.

Kat is a Business and Creativity Consultant with 25 years experience working with pioneers, entrepreneurs and global brands making a difference, including Homeless World Cup, Nike, UEFA, Vodafone Foundation, Good Energy, Beyond Sport, Eric Cantona, Desmond Tutu, Colin Farrell and Lewis Hamilton. Whilst building a business with purpose made a difference, Kat experienced burnout at just 42. Her intuition led her to Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean to walk barefoot on the sand, float in the turquoise sea, watch the sunset on the horizon and eat mangos from the tree. She credits this immersion in nature with restoring her wellness and creativity before Inspiration for the new True Business model flowed. Website


Emma Wakefield – Monday 1st June 7.30pm. Soul Success Alchemy 

“By the time my beautiful baby boy was born I was homeless, jobless and loveless. Things could not have got worse, except they did. Not only was I struggling as a single mum, I discovered my son was autistic which made motherhood harder than I could ever imagine and made creating a meaningful relationship even more challenging. I entered a whirlwind of bad relationships. I became depressed. I lacked confidence and had very low self-esteem. That is until I decided there MUST be a better way!!

So my journey of self-development started from outside. I believed if I looked good then surely the inside would follow suit and all my self-esteem issues would be solved. BOY was I wrong! After delving deeper, training after training and book after book, I realised the answer was already within me. I HAD THE CHOICE TO BE HAPPY and confident and live the life I wanted regardless of my past experiences.” Emma will share with us her own journey as well how she works as a coach and helps empower women to rise + craft a divine path that truly aligns with their soul.She will give us some top tips, insights and inspiration to take away and use in our own lives. Facebook   Instagram 


Vanessa Louise Brit – Monday 8th June 7.30pm. Living a Naked Life

Vanessa’s always visualised a world in which people felt good about themselves.
After over 25 years in the cosmetic industry, she discovered that the very thing that made someone feel good about themselves was to recognise the true beauty of their own heart. Vanessa has made it her life’s work to share, from her own experiences and depth of her learnings, the necessity to live NAKED. To strip back the stories we believe to be true about ourselves, so we can feel deeply connected to self, others and the Planet.

We find ourselves living in a world where power, logic and control have forced us to live in fear, with daily struggles and totally disconnected. We have become ill, angry and addicted as a way of surviving. NAKED is connection. NAKED is our natural state. NAKED is a new way of BEing. When we choose to live the NAKED way, we will unite and co-create an emerging future. Vanessa will illuminate how she has changed her life and how you too can express yourself and turn your life around.  Facebook         Linkedin


May 11, 2020 @ 7:30 pm
June 8, 2020 @ 9:30 pm