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How can I help and support you?



I trust there is no accident that you have clicked onto my website. I know that the Universe is guiding each one of us and somewhere in your heart there is a calling.

That calling may be to find a new way of being in the world, clear old limiting patterns or stories, find a deeper awareness of your true heart’s purpose and joy or connect more authentically with yourself, your family, friends and the world. My intention is to work with people who are ready for change and willing to dive in.

I incorporate a mixture of techniques and modalities that I have learnt and experienced along my own path. I work in a very clear, authentic and heart centered way and particularly love helping my clients to see their stories clearly and support them to create the New Story! I have found that self awareness and a clear focus allow for energy to shift, resulting in the heart to open to each person’s true essence as an unlimited, infinitely powerful and beautiful soul.

The key elements of my work are based on the understanding that we create our own reality and it is only our thinking that causes us pain or suffering. When we question our thinking and tell a new story so it will manifest into the world – sounds enticing hey!

At the heart of my work are the principles that have really worked for me which are:

  • The law of attraction
  • You are already whole and created from an infinite Source (God, Universe, Higher Power, Cosmos, Infinite Intelligence)
  • Reprogramming the beliefs/stories (NLP, Hypnotherapy, Byron Katie’s – the Work)
  • Returning to the NOW (Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle, Mindfulness/Meditation)
  • Body Intelligence – listening to the bodies guidance system and building your relationship with your intuition and gut feelings
  • Emotional Intelligence – feeling in alignment with you values and able to express your needs and wants in a healthy and trusting way
  • Having fun and shining your light

What I know to be TRUE

  • You are not broken
  • We do not need to get the bottom of anything (although we do honour and respect the issues of the past)
  • I am not hear to fix you
  • I am not your guru
  • I am but a mirror, as you are to me
  • I hold a space of love and truth
  • We are all walking each other home

What manifests…..

  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Self expression and authenticity
  • Clarity on purpose
  • Freedom from addiction
  • Harmonious and healthy relationships
  • Inspired awareness to your true purpose in life
  • Self love and acceptance
  • Living from the heart
  • Peace with death – self or another
  • Freedom from fear, anxiety or regret
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Living in the now
  • Creating the work you love
  • Abundance
  • Opening to your natural creativity
  • Health and vitality
  • Peace with the past, people, situations or trauma

Please do get in touch if you would like a one to one in person or via Facetime – £65 per session lasting 1 to 1 & half hours.