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July News

July News

Hello dear friends – what a wonderful summer we are having. I hope you are enjoying the lazy, hazy days and ease that comes this time of year.
The above image was taken on a balmy June day in Norfolk on the recent Soul Retreat that I co-facilitated with my friend Helen. We really did have a blast and it was such a joy to share the space with everyone who heard the calling to rest, re-calibrate and relish in the vortex of creation.
To see the participants opening their hearts and being prepared to let go of the old paradigm of hard work and struggle was such a joy.

Helen and I both experienced release and expansion as we dived in a little deeper too. It was so effortless and fun to ‘work’ together and I love that we can be raw and real – this develops great trust and flow. It’s the only way I want to work now and I have been letting go more and more of the traditional way of ‘earning money’.
It’s been a gradual letting go of old stories and conditioning, along with a willingness to explore a leading edge way of being.

I sometimes have to stop and remember how far I have come on this journey. The kind of life I am living now was only a dream to me and I feel so in awe of the way the Universe opens up when we say yes and mean it.
The undoing of the ‘old ways’ is available to everyone, but from my experience, it does take courage and a deep desire to be the best version of who we really are – and here’s the biggy folks – doing it without apology!

This has been an old one for me to shift, but wow it feels so good when I stand strong in who I really am. No more victim or suffering!
How about you – do you still feel the need to apologize for who you are, what you have or how you live your life or are you embracing the true magnificence of your inherent power and presence on this earth plain?

Unapolagetically you 2
And so it is that we can teach through the clarity of our own learning and know that life is meant to be fun, rich and delicious.
The present moment has it all if you choose to open your mind to it. It’s only when we spend our time in the past or future that we lose the satisfaction and joy of what’s really here.

I was reminded of this the other day whilst sitting outside my favorite cafe. My ears seem to be on alert to how people speak in the moment and therefore create their reality….. A couple were walking by and I heard them saying “It’s too late now, we should have done it years ago” (regret). I then heard someone else sharing a conversation behind me saying “I’m just killing time” (lack of appreciation for the moment) and of course the classic I hear regularly is “I’m getting there” (not in the now)….. I wonder where ‘there’ is?
I smile to myself now, as I used to say that one a lot, until I caught myself and decided that I was already ‘there’ – how could I be anywhere else!!

Well of course its the ego mind that wants to take us some place else but when we are obsessed with past and future we cannot be in alignment with our Source and therefore will miss the guidance and intuition that will help us to create what is written in our hearts.

I same across this great video from Robert Holden, which is a great reminder of this and something he calls ‘Destination Addiction’. It’s very amusing but also very thought provoking and something I would encourage you to take on board. Check it out here.

Marriane Williamson – if we miss the moment
When we are in the moment there is more chance of allowing inspiration to flow.
Our heart opens to the infinite possibilities and we allow Divine Inspiration to guide us and ego takes a back seat.

This passage from Wayne Dyer’s book – Living and Inspired Life helps us to understand this power.

“Now try to imagine yourself living in a world that has no direction: There’s no north, south, east or west; there’s no up or down; and there’s no past of future. In this world, any direction is every direction. As difficult as it is to imagine a directionless Universe, that’s exactly what the world of Spirit looks and feels like.
When we’re in-Spirit, every direction is possible for us at every moment because our consciousness happens within our mind. Now this inner world of ours, reunited with its originating essence, doesn’t think in only one direction; rather, it allows all possibilities. Our consciousness is in the absolute state of allowing – all resistance, in the form of thoughts, is nonexistent.
I’m speaking of a feeling that comes over us where we’re inspired by a ‘great purpose, an extraordinary project’, where we experience the bliss of an expanded consciousness with the unsurpassed allowing of any and all possibilities to enter into our daily life. We cease looking for answers in a directional way – they dont come from someplace north or west of us, nor are they arriving from up above or impeded by something down below. We begin to feel the larger sense of life, what being a part of all is like once again.”

This is true expansion and of course asks for a deeper level of trust and getting out of our own way! It doesn’t mean that we lose sight of our future desires, quite the opposite in fact – it actually leaves space for Source to guide us to all that our heart desires.

Abraham/Hicks describes this in 5 steps:

1) Ask – Contrast helps you to define what you want. Wanting is born out of your clarity and desire.
2) It is Given – Source is on it and begins right away to create your desire in vibrational form. It is then in your personal vortex of creation.
3) Allow – You let go of the how and just feel as good as you can and make it your priority to be in the vortex as often as possible.You then become a vibrational match to your desire.
4) Unconditional Living – You’re not needing things to be a certain way in order to feel good. So when you see a little contrast, you don’t see it as something that’s gone wrong. You see it as an opportunity of clarification. You see it as an opportunity for you to define or refine even more clearly who you are and what you want.”
5) Welcome Contrast – You welcome contrast as a leading-edge thinker. You are able to stand out in a world that is a new reality for you that maybe most of the world has not yet caught up with because you have mastered the vibrations of the Universe. You’ve learned to harness and focus and flow and feel and be guided by Source energy.

In short, we are only limited by our thinking and belief systems. Our only work is to focus and watch how we feel and keep refining on a daily basis how we wish to feel and be in the world…… learning to appreciate, love and have fun becomes the norm and we don’t apologize for feeling amazing anymore!

Allow the ease of how things feel or arrive, to be your guide. If things are a struggle or you need to push against anything you know you are not being guided by Source….. Let ease in each moment be your priority and as you practise this you will receive more of it….. remember to acknowledge the ease and you will be strengthening the ease muscle!

Sometimes you don’t need
to have a Master Plan.

You can trust in your Not Knowing instead.

Sometimes you just need
to take the next step.
A small step.
Into safety.
Or into the wilderness.

Trust. Breathe.
The great Master Plan unfolds
with each tiny step you take.

Jeff Foster

Be still go within
So dear friends, enjoy the NOW and embrace each moment and the SUMMERBREEZE…..
Take time to be with yourself and tune into the presence of your unlimited Source and remember that Source is only ever here NOW and is rooting for you always!

I’m personally taking time out over the next few weeks to slow down, tune in and do what I love. This is food for my soul and I know I will be refreshed and open to new inspiration – this truly is a gift and one I deeply appreciate.

Sending great love to you …..
Ann-Marie x x x x

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Ann Marie Marchant

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