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July News

July News

Where do I begin I ask myself, and how can I put into words the love, the beauty, the depth, the expansion, the growth and the awareness that I have experienced this month? Well I don’t really know the answer but what I do know is that I want to share more from my heart and I want to see you and I want to see each person I encounter with more grace and awareness.
I feel so much appreciation for my life and the path I am on, and I am seeing with clearer eyes my judgments falling away quicker as I choose to be present with what is showing up.

I had a wonderful experience of this a couple of weeks ago, when I attended a long weekend Coach Camp with Robert Holden in London. I was very drawn to attending the weekend, as I had been feeling a state of inertia in my work and felt ready to dive in with a new verve and willingness to be guided from a place of open heartedness and innocence.
I love Roberts clear and uncluttered way of speaking and teaching. I know he is walking a path of truth and authenticity and as a fellow Course in Miracles student/teacher I know at the basis of his work is a deep path of self love.

At various times throughout the weekend we had to work with different people and one particular exercise we were asked to go around the room and share what success we could remember from the past week. The first person I worked with was a lady who really did not seem very happy and in actual fact did not want to do the exercise at all, and was not comfortable with the word success. I understood this and asked her instead if the word proud would be an easier option for her. She said no and decided not to take part in the exercise and went off to get herself a cup of tea. I proceeded to carry on with the exercise and thoroughly enjoyed it.

On the next exercise we were asked to pair up with just one person and it just so happened that I was sat next to this very same lady. I felt a sense of wanting to avoid her and in truth did not really want to work with her as I thought she was miserable! But, as is always the case, the Universe had other ideas and we were indeed paired up. I thought oh God, how is this going to work out then working with a ‘miserable’ person but I also knew that my ego had judged and labeled her, and therefore this was the perfect opportunity for me to choose again and see the truth.
I shared with her my feelings from the previous exercise and was honest about my feelings and judgments towards her. I also explained that a massive light bulb had gone off as I saw how I had avoided ‘toxic’ and non-spiritual people in recent years to ‘protect’ myself (subconsciously of course). This was deeply profound for me and as I opened up to this dear lady, I could see her deep pain and my tears fell, as I realised how my ego’s way of labelling people as spiritual or not was actually a form of separation.
My God, the ego has many subtle tricks up its sleeve and it was such a relief to have been aware enough to bring this one to the light. I had played this one out over the years and I knew from that point on, things would be very different indeed.

When we swapped over and it was now time for the lady to share, I could really see how much she was hurting and holding on for dear life – she expressed how she was struggling with the whole weekend and through tears she shared how she was grieving the loss of her husband. She then clammed-up and changed the conversation very quickly but I respected this and understood why she had seemed so ‘miserable’ (the ego loves to project hey!).
Harking back to the previous exercise about success, I expressed how I thought her act of honesty was a great success. She struggled to hear this compliment, but I can remember feeling just like her as I started my own journey of awakening – an unable to own my own successes. She was exactly in the perfect place and nothing had gone wrong, quite the opposite in fact and for me she was an Angel in disguise.

I had been shown an incredibly important lesson and realised that being a spiritual snob needed to change. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is important to be discerning about who we choose to spend our time with, especially when we are in a vulnerable place and in the early stages of our awakening. We do need to be conscious of our boundaries and energy and only when we have learnt to feel strong in our roots and our connection are we ready to show up more in the world and be with different people.

Eventually however, we are asked to show up and be the presence of love regardless of who or what is in front of us. We become stable in our connection and choose to see the truth before us instead of the ego illusion. This is a true teacher and I have been so blessed to have teachers appear in my life at the perfect time and now I can hand over the baton too as I step forward with more ownership of who I am.

This awakening journey is never ending and the more we are ready to offer anything that is not from love to the light, the more we are given opportunities to do so. It is a normal part of the awakening and can feel very uncomfortable as we start to see clearly our learnt behaviours. But take heart friends, we were asleep and as such could only see through blurry eyes, so lets be kind to our sleeping heart as it emerges to the light.

I feel so much softer and lighter through this experience and am loving just being present and open to all that comes my way. I am still in awe of the magnificence of letting go and letting God and how everyday there is an opportunity to heal and to love.

I really am enjoying seeing the beauty in the world and in each person too, but like anything there is the flip side and I am also seeing how many people condemn and judge themselves so harshly, particularly with the way they look and that is why I wanted to share with you this short video which we saw over the coach camp weekend. It is part of the Dove campaign which Robert was involved in and is very moving and sobering. Which door would you choose?


I know which door I would have chosen before I ‘woke up’ – plain and simple really. The thought of even contemplating going through the beautiful door would have been an alien concept to me and certainly not what I was brought up to believe. I can also hear the old tape running of “who does she think she is” to those who would have chosen the beautiful door – when in reality my heart was yearning to walk through it. But back then I didn’t listen to my heart and was quite happy to live an average life. Not anymore, im done with average and I can happily stand in front of a mirror and say I love you and see my true beauty.

What if?

What if you were to just sit still and wait to feel your way to the next step?
What if you were to trust in your own intuition as the guidance you are seeking?
What if you made space to listen to your heart and spend time with it?
What if you noticed your pain and allowed it to show you the truth of what is behind it?
What if you stopped blaming others for your suffering and chose peace regardless?
What if you let go of an agenda and let the flow take you?
What if you let your imperfections be your gift of growth instead of a reason to beat yourself up?
What if you listened to your truth and made your path about joy and only joy?
What if you said YES to life and NO to suffering?
What if you allowed the voice of judgement to go on vacation and said “today is the day I start living and embracing my utter magnificence”!

Over the weekend we partook in one of my favorite exercises and one I use a lot in my own workshops and retreats. This time however, I got to understand where it originated from. It is a zulu greeting: Ngikhona (I am here – to be seen) and Sawubona (I see you). Many of you may remember it from the film Avatar.
The first time I came across this exercise was some 15 years ago and a day I will never forget. It was in a meditation/psychic development group with my lovely friend Sarah Cox. She demonstrated the exercise with our friend Mary and it was something I had never experienced before. They held hands and looked deeply into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity and in turn each one said “I am here to be seen” and the other replied with “I see you” and in silence they swapped over. When we were then asked to do this exercise my fight or flight response kicked in BIG TIME and I wanted to run away – I really did!!! But I kinda thought that would look pretty crap, so decided to stay. It felt intense to do it and let’s face it, it’s not your everyday greeting, well at least not in my world back then. But I did it, and I survived it – who knew! And over the years I have met this greeting with more and more openness and reverence and can honestly say I love it now.

Why I share this now, is because I realised that over the last 15 years I have been willing to be seen again and again – especially my soul and spirit. But doing the exercise this time round, it dawned on me that I was now ready to be seen in my work and business. I have played small in my work in many ways and never saw myself as a leader or business person – but I am and I am incredibly proud of what I offer in my work and know that it does help people in many ways. Even more than that, I know that as a Teacher of God I am in service to see the truth in each person and help walk them home.

The whole weekend with Robert showed me that it is important to have people in the world who are living in love and bringing love into the world through their chosen career. It is not just for the spiritual ones but for everyone – we are all waking up and we all need guidance and support on our life’s journey. It is crucial to have someone by our side who will truly see us, help us overcome our hurdles of self doubt and unworthiness and encourage us to fly free and share our unique gifts and talents.

Returning home after the weekend, I couldn’t sleep. I had so much energy popping like fireworks with many new ideas and insights for my work. There is a lot of new growth that is emerging which I will be sharing as the time feels right, but for now I am very proud to show you my recently created treatment room which is now open for those of you seeking a Space of Grace.

Really it’s all about paying attention, balance, slowing down and finding time for you. I’m not really telling you anything new there am I – but it’s easy to talk about it and nod your head but it’s another thing altogether to actually take action and change your life if its not working or your unhappy. The ego will love to keep you busy and distracted for the rest of your life if you let it, but If we don’t voluntary stop there will be an involuntary stop!

Here is a great video from Eckhart Tolle talking about how to bring balance into our world.

Finally I wanted to share with you this sultry, sizzling, song which feels so appropriate for this time of year and I also hope it makes you smile as it did me!

With Love and summer smiles, Ann-Marie x x x x

Let your smile and your beauty open doorways of truth and be proud to walk through them! 
With love and summer smiles 
Ann-Marie x x x

Ann Marie Marchant

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