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The Ripple of Awakening. A Mighty Companion of the Spiritual Awakening Journey

The Ripple of Awakening. A Mighty Companion of the Spiritual Awakening Journey


What you can expect from The Ripple of Awakening

My book is about a spiritual awakening, what that means and looks like from the human perspective. It explores the highs, the lows, the commonalities, the phases and the stages and ways in which the reader can support themselves. It is real, raw, authentic, at times funny, certainly inspiring and full of hope.

I candidly walk the reader through my own spiritual awakening journey and share how my life fell apart and how the egoic persona of ‘Ann-Marie’ had to dissolve before I could find deep peace, love and acceptance. I intersperse transcripts of interviews from others who have been through their own awakening too, which shows the diversity of this profound experience.

I take the reader’s hand and walk them step by step through the stages of their own healing journey and offer ways that can inspire them, with practical suggestions and practices, such as prayer, meditation, self-enquiry, self-care, self-expression, forgiveness, inner child healing and addiction.

At the heart of the book is a flushing out of the reader’s relationship, or lack of relationship, with God. I reveal how I went from a complete non-believer and came to eventually work for the big guy upstairs, being guided to become a Multi Faith Minister. I endeavour to de-funk the ego’s construct of God and inspire the reader to wake up to the love, peace, guidance and joy that is waiting for them through their connection with the God of their own understanding.

Basically, this book is the book I craved when my life felt apart and, in a way, it is a gift to myself. I pray that you find it a gift on your path of awakening too! The main themes and topics of the book are:

*The common signs that indicate you are awakening
*The phases and stages
*Identifying the difference between the ego (form) and Spirit (true self)
*Inspiration to guide you and illuminate the darkness
*Building a spiritual practise to keep you connected to Source
*De-funking God
*How to reach out for the right help
*Ways to express yourself in an authentic and transparent way
*Awareness of the importance of inner child healing
*The mind / body connection
*Looking at addiction and co-dependant behaviour
*Quantum Forgiveness – the key component to true happiness
*The meaning of Love and healthy relationships
*Saying YES to fun, joy and happiness (your natural state of being!)
*Stepping forth on the path with faith and trust
*Sharing your purpose and following your bliss
*Resources to help and support you as you continue on your journey home
*Owning the TRUTH of who you are
*Interviews from other mighty companion who have stepped onto their awakening path whom share insights on how they were transformed and embraced their own awakening journey from pain and suffering to inner peace and authentic happiness