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Touching the Heart

Touching the Heart



Ann-Marie warmly invites you to join her for this innovative and inspiring day. This is a day to connect deeply to our hearts and recognise that to be truly in alignment to our passions, pleasure, joy, abundance, freedom, vitality, purpose and spirit we need to open our hearts and listen to its great wisdom and truth. As we get in touch with this well of love, so we can be present and alive enabling us to be our authentic self and enjoy all aspects and areas of our lives.


  1. Brigette

    I just wanted to say what an amazing day I had yesterday! I can’t tell you how fantastic it felt to be surrounded by everyone so full of love. It made me feel so safe in my ‘new’ space if that makes sense. Whereas previously I felt scared of the awakening I’ve been experiencing I finally no longer felt alone which was such a blessing. It was so reassuring and inspiring to listen to other peoples journeys. The whole day was incredibly free-ing and I didn’t feel self conscious at all. I truly felt I’d come home in the company of others who had experienced the same as me. A massive well done to you Ann-Marie for arranging it all and THANK YOU! I can’t tell you what it meant to me to be there.”
    Love and gratitude Brigette

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