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Qualifications and Testimonials


  • Diploma in Holistic Therapies (Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Diploma in Indian Head Massage
  • Diploma in Sports Massage
  • NLP Practitioner – Evolution Training
  • Integrated Hypnotherapist – Isis School of Integrated Hypnotherapy
  • Angel Healer/Therapist – with Sanctuary of Angels
  • Multi Faith Minister – the Vale Ministry
  • Accredited Facilitator for Penny Brohn Cancer Charity UK
  • Life!!!


“Your gift is truly a blessing to all Ann-Marie and I know that it’s going to serve humanity in a very beautiful way” Anita

“I entered into the process of Flowering of the Heart because the message was loud and clear after reading your newsletter. Ann-Marie – you have been a crucial stepping stone on my Path during this six week process. You have shown me how important it is to drop into my heart – the heart that speaks a unique language that can be understood by all who care to ‘hear’. I am now aware that I have a ‘God muscle’ to strengthen. And I am grateful for that awareness. 

I am also more aware of my ‘stories’ and how it’s my choice whether or not I decide to enter into another’s drama. The process has been gentle, yet at the same time, quite profound – the process happening on a number of levels. You hold the space in a kind, caring and quiet manner and at no time did I feel anything other than led and guided – that you held the space for God (Source) to join in the Journey that was unfolding.  I am deeply grateful for all the work YOU have done whereby you have arrived at this place to be able to help others.  Thank you.. thank you” – Jane from West Sussex

I’d reached a point in my life where I knew I had issues relating to my childhood that were holding me back and restricting my quality of life, causing me to carry a knot of anxiety around in my stomach…   I saw Ann-Marie over a period of time and she helped me to address my fears and look at and heal my past in a serene and safe environment. My relationships began to change and I became happier, stronger with more sense of myself and the world around me and this in turn enabled me to let go and trust life. Furthermore as I cast off the shackles of my past I feel more contented, self sufficient and happier than I ever believed possible. I no longer experience the panic, fear and hopelessness of the past as I now have a set of coping mechanisms to support me. Ann-Marie has been a huge support, loving, encouraging friend and true inspiration to me. I no longer have a knot of fear in my stomach – instead I feel butterflies of excitement and life is expanding and getting better and better’. Julie – East Sussex

“I feel as if the weight of the whole world has been lifted from my shoulders. Ann-Marie has helped me to deal with my anxieties and insecurities in the most sensitive and caring way, which has helped me to love and value myself, and my life, in a way that I haven’t done since my happy childhood days. Thank you Ann-Marie!” Gemma – West Sussex

“I loved Ann-Marie’s down-to-earth approach as she guided us through each topic with grace, wisdom and humour. It helped make any new concepts easier to understand….but more than that, we were able to fly off like wee fledglings and live it! Ann-Marie induces confidence as you know that she lives what she shares with you. Not just coming from the head from a cerebral place but from the heart, the very core. There’s such an ease around her which is infectious.” Jane – Brighton

“I wanted to say how much I love reading your newsletters and how inspirational I find you and how much I enjoy the very authentic sharing of your wisdom. Receiving your newsletters is like the anticipation of opening a good book, and feels very luxurious and comforting as well as thought provoking.” Caroline – Scotland

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for making our day so special on Saturday. The ceremony was beautiful, so personal, and we even managed to convince a few ardent Catholics who were a bit skeptical of our choice to have a handfasting ceremony! We had an amazing day and we couldn’t have done it without you. We’ve also had so many people asking after you and asking us to let you know how beautiful the ceremony was, so we really can’t thank you enough! So many people said that it was unlike any ceremony they’d ever been to before and that it suited us as a couple down to a T, so you obviously did an amazing job capturing our relationship and personalising the ceremony!”  Emily and Joe – London

“Words cannot really express the process I have gone through this weekend. I have been through the most astonishing, empowering, clarifying and illuminated journey with 2 extremely beautiful & skilful facilitators. Thank you from the bottom of my newly opened heart”  Kaye – Northamptonshire

“I felt the course exceeded my expectations and for me the teachings of the law of attraction are a major part of my life now and I am enjoying the rewards in my home, work and personal life. You are an excellent teacher and facilitator and I felt honoured that you shared your own experiences with us in such a heartfelt way. I can think of lots of people who would benefit from learning in a similar environment about topics relating to law of attraction and I am hoping that you will be running more workshops so that I can send you some of my clients and friends.”
Kris – Brighton

“I had no specific focus or particular outcome I wanted to try and achieve when I undertook the 6 week flowering of the heart programme with Ann-Marie, I just knew I wanted to give myself some time and space to explore my innermost feelings after a series of bereavements.  I was so very glad I did. Ann-Marie is so honest, authentic, playful  and grounded that I felt safe and able to trust her and the process from the very beginning. She worked very intuitively and what had seemed to me to be complex emotions I was sure would take ages to unpick, somehow became so much clearer through a process of gentle enquiry which enabled me to get beneath the painful, difficult feelings and unearth the truth very quickly. There was a simplicity, a lightness about the process which resonated at my very core, a fast track to source! What I loved more than anything was the ease that all this seemed to happen through Ann-Marie’s gentle, graceful guidance. I find myself now coming back to that place within myself, that place of quiet knowing that everything is as it should be… and that feels reassuringly wonderful!”  Jane from Sussex