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Working together

One to one sessions with Ann-Marie

Life can feel tough, overwhelming, unfair and frightening sometimes – I know, I’ve been there. But what Meditate with Ann-MarieI also know, is that in each one of us there is a deep knowing of who we really are – a soul that is limitless, free, joyous, inspired and wishing to share the love that they truly are. This is our natural state of being and when we feel anything less than this, we are stuck in the ego world of limitation, fear, judgement, blame, grief, lack and disease.

In my many years of training and spiritual awakening I have completely changed how I live and I can now look in the mirror and love the one looking back at me.  I am able to express my heart and soul in ways I never thought possible and I am able to live from a place of trust, acceptance, presence and peace – all I wish is to, is to extend this awareness and inspire others to live in harmony too.

Everyone can ‘wake up’ to who they are – all that is needed is a little willingness and a desire to be all that you are. If you are ready, then do come and join me – it will be an honour to walk the path with you…

I help clients with:

  • Self-Love and acceptance
  • Connecting to their natural intuition, guidance and gut feelings
  • Overcoming fear and limited behaviours or habits
  • Finding their focus, purpose and joy
  • Abundance and being worthy to receive
  • Feeling vital and having a Love for life
  • Creating a spiritual practise that works for them
  • Nurturing healthy relationships with self, a partner, work colleagues, family, friends and the world
  • Develop their relationship with the God of their understanding
  • Finding joy after loss
  • Accepting that there is no death and we are all eternal beings
  • Understanding and negotiating A Course in Miracles

Each session is unique to you and I help support you to remove any blocks that are keeping you stuck or in pain. Each session will be an unfolding in the moment and I will be there to hold your hand through the letting go process. I also feel it is important to offer tools to take away and us in day to day life, such as: meditations, inspiration, relevant reading or videos and self-help techniques.

Each session lasts between an hour to hour & half either in person or via zoom – price scale from £65 to £80 per session.

(if for any reason you are unable to meet the costs but feel in need of my help – I am happy to offer a discount or payment by donation to suit your current situation.)

If you feel you have some deeper work to do and want to commit to a prolonged journey together then we can arrange to have a fixed term set of sessions with a discount if paid up front. Price on application.

Please do get in touch if you would like a free half hour discovery chat to see what best suits your needs. 07751 158330

Walking back home, one step at a time…