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Working together

One to One Sessions with Ann-Marie

I am delighted to offer you a Space of Grace in my home treatment room and equally can offer some session via skype or on the phone.

I specialise in helping clients remember who they are – this is quite often called awakening. I also offer massage, hypnotherapy, nlp, inner child healing and soul guidance

I incorporate a mixture of techniques and modalities that I have learnt and experienced along my own path. (see my qualifications) I work in a very clear, authentic and heart centered way and particularly love helping my clients to see their stories clearly and support them to create the New Story! I have found that self awareness and a clear focus allow for energy to shift, resulting in the heart to open to each person’s true essence as an unlimited, infinitely powerful and beautiful soul.

Self Love Day – A whole day dedicated to you.  From 10.30am till 4pm

Starting with a grounding meditation/relaxation session, followed by a massage treatment then a home cooked lunch. In the afternoon you can choose from a soul guidance/creative session or angel reading and we finish with a self love ritual.  £200

Grace in Motion Massage – Calling on my training as a Holistic Therapist and Massage Therapist, I am offering treatments for your body whilst allowing an intuitive flow to emerge throughout the treatment. This means I will trust my own intuition within the massage process and will provide you with a space of deep rest and healing.

  • Grace in Motion – A one hour treatment combing back, neck and shoulder massage along with a mini reflexology & foot massage. Grounding, balancing and calming. £50
  • Holistic Massage – A 35 minute intuitive back, neck and shoulder massage. Soothing, releasing and relaxing. £30

At the heart of my spiritual/soul work are the principles that have really worked for me which are:

  • The law of attraction
  • You are already whole and created from an infinite Source (God, Universe, Higher Power, Cosmos, Infinite Intelligence)
  • Reprogramming the beliefs/stories (NLP, Hypnotherapy, Byron Katie’s – the Work)
  • Returning to the NOW (Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle, Mindfulness/Meditation)
  • Body Intelligence – listening to the bodies guidance system and building your relationship with your intuition and gut feelings
  • Emotional Intelligence – tuning into your true feelings and emotions
  • Having fun and shining your light

What I know to be TRUE

  • You are not broken
  • The past has shaped you but it is not who you are
  • I am not hear to fix you
  • I am not your guru
  • I am but a mirror, as you are to me
  • I hold a space of love and truth
  • We are all walking each other home

What manifests…..

  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Self expression and authenticity
  • Clarity on purpose
  • Freedom from addiction
  • Harmonious and healthy relationships
  • Inspired awareness to your true purpose in life
  • Self love and acceptance
  • Living from the heart
  • Peace with death – self or another
  • Freedom from fear, anxiety or regret
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Living in the now
  • Creating the work you love
  • Abundance
  • Opening to your natural creativity
  • Health and vitality
  • Peace with the past, people, situations or trauma

Please go to the individual page for further details on Hypnotherapy/NLP, Inner Child Healing, Flowering of the Heart 6 week programme

Please do get in touch if you would like a one to one in person or via Facetime or Skype – £65 per session lasting 1 to 1 & half hours.

“I feel as if the weight of the whole world has been lifted from my shoulders. Ann-Marie has helped me to deal with my anxieties and insecurities in the most sensitive and caring way, which has helped me to love and value myself, and my life, in a way that I haven’t done since my happy childhood days. Thank you Ann-Marie!” Gemma from Sussex