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Flowering Of The Heart – 6 Week Programme

Flowering of the Heart …

I am delighted to bring together this unique programme designed to open up the pathway to the deeper calling of your heart. This 6 week programme will enable you to:

• Align you to your true potential and purpose
• Free up stagnant energy allowing joyous connection to Source
• Allow you to dive in and create heaven on earth
• Help you return to your natural innocence, fun and co-creation

Why 6 weeks?

This period of time builds momentum around your desires, allowing space for processing the road blocks and time for reflection along the journey.

What’s involved?

• Your commitment to you
• Your commitment to me
• A change of mindset with you at the heart
• Self Enquiry, meditation and reflective process between sessions
• Law of attraction principles, imagery and authentic discovery

Helps with what?

• Relationships
• True purpose
• Abundance & prosperity
• Self confidence
• Self love
• Releasing limited behaviour, self sabotage or feeling stuck
• Spiritual awakening


• Building a bridge to your vision
• Tools and techniques to follow through
• A clear understanding of how energy creates your reality
• Trusting your own inner guidance system
• Living and dancing from the beat of your own heart
• Surefootedness and a vitality for life
• Living in a state of grace

Why Ann-Marie?

Ann-Marie has 20 years of walking a path to deep surrender and authenticity. She has a melting pot of training & experience in massage, reflexology, healing, meditation, hypnotherapy, nlp, ceremony, facilitation and self development – bringing humour, love and clarity whilst cutting through the spiritual jargon.


• £600
• Home work (you will want to do!)
• An open heart and willingness to be free

• 6 x 1.5 hr sessions
• 1 x half hour phone/facetime call if needed
• Follow through support and handouts
• Encouragement, love and a held vision


“I entered into the process of Flowering of the Heart because the message was loud and clear after reading your newsletter. When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears, as the Buddhist saying goes.  Ann-Marie – you have been a crucial stepping stone on my Path during this six week process. You have shown me how important it is to drop into my heart – the heart that speaks a unique language that can be understood by all who care to ‘hear’. I am now aware that I have a ‘God muscle’ to strengthen. And I am grateful for that awareness.

I am also more aware of my ‘stories’ and how it’s my choice whether or not I decide to enter into another’s drama. The process has been gentle, yet at the same time, quite profound – the process happening on a number of levels.  You hold the space in a kind, caring and quiet manner and at no time did I feel anything other than led and guided – that you held the space for God (Source) to join in the Journey that was unfolding. I am deeply grateful for all the work YOU have done whereby you have arrived at this place to be able to help others. These Journeys come with many gifts as well as pain and challenges as we shed the old patterns that no longer serve.  It takes courage – although there are times when personally I feel that once on this path, the only way is round is through. When the goal is Peace and a ‘plug-in’ to Source, why would we choose to step off that path? Thank you.. thank you” – Jane from West Sussex

“I had no specific focus or particular outcome I wanted to try and achieve when I undertook the 6 week flowering of the heart programme with Ann-Marie, I just knew I wanted to give myself some time and space to explore my innermost feelings after a series of bereavements.  I was so very glad I did. Ann-Marie is so honest, authentic, playful  and grounded that I felt safe and able to trust her and the process from the very beginning. She worked very intuitively and what had seemed to me to be complex emotions I was sure would take ages to unpick, somehow became so much clearer through a process of gentle enquiry which enabled me to get beneath the painful, difficult feelings and unearth the truth very quickly. There was a simplicity, a lightness about the process which resonated at my very core, a fast track to source! What I loved more than anything was the ease that all this seemed to happen through Ann-Marie’s gentle, graceful guidance. I find myself now coming back to that place within myself, that place of quiet knowing that everything is as it should be… and that feels reassuringly wonderful!”  Jane from Brighton


“Ann-Marie works in a very intuitive and flexible way. As the sessions progressed, things happened at a deep level and very rapidly. It felt that every time we met a major theme or ‘story’ emerged, most of which were long standing. Either during the session or soon afterwards, those stories were challenged and radically shifted. By the end of the six weeks I felt my heart opening in a way I haven’t experienced before. I can highly recommend Ann-Marie” Janet from Hove