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Spirit/Angel Guided Readings

Looking for support and guidance…?

Many years ago I found myself learning how to connect to Spirit, Angels and psychic energy. This was not something I was looking for, but I trusted the process as the love, inspiration and healing that came through, felt incredible, and a true  miracle to share. A few years ago I was guided to stop offering readings and focus instead on my one to one mentoring as well as continuing on my own inner work. My next deep dive was to write my first book, The Ripple of Awakening – A Mighty Companion on the Spiritual Awakening Journey, which saw a whole new phase of my life.

Now the book is complete, I have a much more spacious place in my heart and so much to share for those who who are awakening , or seeking a safe space to explore their own journey and connect directly to their own intuition, guidance and truth. You may be at a crossroads, feeling lost, in emotional or physical pain, unsupported, fearful of life, out of alignment to your truth or disempowered. Please know, that you are not alone! There is always a guiding light and hand to hold – now is the time to ask and reach out.

I am offering these readings to impart words of love and wisdom, and do be a gentle guide for you at this time. This is not about predicting the future, telling you what to do or replacing your own wisdom – it is empowering you to remember who you are and embrace the love that is in your heart. I use cards and channeled writing  to offer the support and grace that will be truly helpful on your journey.

If you feel ready, I would be honoured to work with you. Readings can be in person at my home in Upper Beeding ,West Sussex or via zoom.

Sessions are approximately 45min to 1hr, at a price of £45. (if for any reason you are unable to meet the costs but feel in need of my help – I am happy to offer a discount or payment by donation to suit your current situation.) Please get in touch either by my contact page or email me at: marchantannmarie@yahoo.co.uk or call 07751 158339.

Come My Love… 

Come my love
And rest with me
Lay your burdens down
In quiet sanctuary
No need to push or force
Just pause awhile
For I will be your comfort now
Just walk back home with me
And in my love, you’ll be sustained
And never need to strive again
For you are my beloved child
Holy, pure and true
My love supplies your every need
Any fulfils your happy dream
Just be at one with my child
And unite with me in light
For in my grace you’re ever safe
And fear will melt away
Along with past and future goals
All gone without a trace
Copyright Ann-Marie Marchant