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Spiritual Awakening One To One Mentoring

If your heart is calling you home and you are ready for your next step – It would be an honour to support you…

Everyone at their core has a Divine Spark within them and it is the driving force that wants us to wake up to the truth of who we are, a boundless, eternal and loving Spirit of pure light. We are being called to share this truth and shine without apology. I believe that as we wake up and walk this path home, we can’t help but share and extend this Love that we are. I like to see it as a Divine ripple, which grows stronger as each one of us commits to shinning our light. As we do so, this in turn radiates out into the world to those hearts who are ready to receive it. 

What I also know, through personal experience and working with many people, is that the spiritual awaking journey can be tough, overwhelming, deep, challenging and completely life changing. This is because our old ego identity is starting to fall away and the familiar, old ’safe’ groove, is no longer working. We may be questioning many areas of our lives, or maybe you just have a feeling of not belonging or a hunch that something isn’t quite right. This builds up over time and can eventually manifest as a breakdown, burnout, traumatic event, illness, depression, sadness, unhealthy relationships, relationship breakdown, addiction, abuse (self or another), constant stress, fear or some drama or catastrophe. 

Equally you may be part way along your spiritual awakening journey and have looked within and changed certain things already, but for some reason something just isn’t working or quite right. You may start to notice old judgements, grief, pain or inferiority raising its head and unable to move through them on your own. There may be more forgiveness work to do, or some situations or relationships that aren’t healed completely or are challenging you in some way. Rest assured that this is all very ‘normal’ on the journey of awakening and in truth, nothing is going wrong. The ego (Edging God Out) likes to ramp things up, because it does not want you to wake up, so extra vigilance and healing is required.

If you resonate with this and are feeling ready for your next step, please trust your beautiful heart and know that it is calling you deeper into truth, back home to LOVE.

This simple, yet clear list (taken from my book The Ripple of Awakening) shows how the ego identity is so painful and limiting. It is a learnt identity and not the truth of who we are. It can therefore be so helpful to see, without judgement,  how the ego’s filter plays out in our lives. With this awareness and self compassion, we can then start to connect more to our true identity and can sink deeper into our heart. This  helps connect us to the Divine Love and authentic Christ Self (whole, innocent, light, eternal presence), that is our natural inheritance. 

The differences can be quite striking when we first see them, especially if this is a totally new concept, and it may bring up some unease or confusion, which is totally normal and to be expected, but I can reassure you the with your willingness to re-connect  and find another way, you will be able to move from a fear-based identity, to a natural way of living in utter joy, peace and love.

Let’s work together

I offer one to one sessions for those of you who need clarity, understanding, love, insight and respect as you negotiate this profound experience. I have many tools in my tool box to support you from my training as a Holistic Therapist, Hypnotherapist/NLP Practitioner & Multi Faith Minister, along with a vast knowledge on spiritual books, practises, meditation and most importantly, my own spiritual awakening. I will be there to hold your hand and help you to find the answers in your own heart.  the main goal is to enable you to connect and tune in to your inner wisdom and build a relationship with the God of your own understanding.

One to one: 1 to 1.5 hrs – starting at £65 to £80 

I also offer a Dive Deeper 3hr session for £140

Contact me for a free half hour discovery chat.