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Spiritual Awakening One To One Mentoring

How I can help and support you

The spiritual awaking journey can be tough, overwhelming, deep, challenging and completely life changing. I know – I’ve done it!

The start of a Spiritual Awakening can happen to anyone, any age, colour, race, religion or gender – it you have a heart beat you’re a prime candidate! However, not all people will take the path in this life time as crossing the bridge of change is too hard to comprehend and the familiar feels much safer. But I am assuming as you have found this page that you are open, curious, and ready for radical self expression and to embrace this profound journey back home. 

The old identity and thinking (EGO) is falling away and our awakening is calling us back home to LOVE.

Who we think we are (Ego)                                       Who we really are (Love)

A body                                                                                     A spiritual being
Fear                                                                                          Love
Darkness                                                                                 Light
Limited                                                                                    Unlimited
Someone that can die                                                            An eternal source of energy
Something to prove                                                               Nothing to prove
A victim.                                                                                  Innocent
In survival                                                                               A Creator 
A mind                                                                                     No mind 
In Lack                                                                                     Abundant 
A life of drama                                                                        A life of peace 
Worthless                                                                                A master

Physical & Emotional Changes:

  • Sensitivity to food, alcohol and skin products
  • Heightened emotions
  • Unease within certain relationships
  • Unable to join others in gossip, anger or blame
  • Confusion and uncertainty about what you want or need
  • Feeling disorientated, light headed or dizzy
  • Physical ailments seem to get worse or new ones appear
  • A sense of injustice and not feeling understood
  • Wanting to retreat and hide away
  • Feeling like your invisible to certain people
  • Feeling like you are not truly heard or seen
  • Unease in certain environments: work, shops or social venues
  • Feeling angry and ragefull towards people, places or yourself
  • Feeling like you just don’t fit in or talk the same language
  • Wanting to kill yourself and escape (your soul knows where your true home is and does not fear death of the physical at all)

You may resonate with some or all of these – there is no right or wrong and know that this is not a measure of how well you are doing, or not. They are pointers and it can be reassuring to know that change is indeed happening as your energy starts to shift.

Please also bear in mind, that these are symptoms of the body beginning to let go of what no longer serves and is part of moving on and through, to a more balanced place. The body is incredibly wise and knows what it needs to do, so please trust this process and know it will pass and the more accepting of this you are, the easier it will be.

Let’s work together

I offer one to one sessions for those of you who need clarity, understanding, love, insight and respect as you negotiate this profound experience. I have many tools in my tool box to support you from my training as a Holistic Therapist, Hypnotherapist/NLP Practitioner & Multi Faith Minister, along with a vast knowledge on spiritual books, practises, meditation and personal development. I will be there to hold your hand and help you to find the answers in your own heart – you will become your own guru/master and step forward with LOVE as your true guide in life.

One to one: 1 to 1.5 hrs – starting at £65 to £80  or Dive Deeper 3hr session £140

Contact me for a free half hour discovery chat.