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Self Love

Self love is the key to happiness

So many of us were taught to put everyone else first and have learnt to believe that loving ourselves is selfish and egotistical. As a result, we disconnect from our own needs and the truth in our heart which results in a multitude of psychological, emotional and physical discord.

We can’t give to another what we don’t have,  and if we can’t look in the mirror and love the one looking back at us (all parts of us – worts and all)  we are devoid of true authentic love. It can be subtle or glaringly obvious but either way it will play out in our lives attracting dysfunctional relationships, abuse, distrust, fear, shame, blame, lack, self harm, addiction and a myriad of toxic behaviour – all of which keep us small.

Self love is about self care, self compassion, self acceptance and kindness and is such an important journey and one that takes courage, time, commitment and a willingness to change. There is no measure on how long it will take – for many it happens over a period of years but what I do know is that it can also happen in an instant!

The more you are ready to surrender and the more you’ve had enough of the ‘old ways’ and ‘old stories’ the quicker you will fall in love with yourself. This is love is a true DIVINE LOVE, that is ever present, always available  and NEVER JUDGES you!

Once you feel it and own it, your life WILL CHANGE – I promise you.

I have walked this path and truly discovered what it means to ‘be in love’ – and I know it is only when I separate from this Source/Love that I feel pain or suffering. Our only job is to remove the blocks to the awareness of Loves presence….!

If you feel ready to take this initiation into LOVE – I will be delighted to walk with you.

Six month self love package

This process takes time, commitment and understanding and will therefore be over a six-month period. You will be committed to creating a regular spiritual practise to include meditation, time in nature, journaling, self-responsibility and radical honesty. This will be totally bespoke to you and we will agree on how you can best bring these changes into your life.

These sessions can be in person or via zoom/skype to suit you.

  • Starting with an initial 3hr session where we will get clear on the pathway ahead.
  • 5 monthly one to one’s – 1.5hrs
  • Monthly Meditations
  • Handouts
  • Homework
  • Inspiration, insights, videos and check-ins via Facebook or Email

The gift of self love investment – £775  – Contact me to arrange a free half hour discovery session on the phone. I am also very happy to chat about paying in instalments if this is something that would enable you to participate in the programme.

“I feel as if the weight of the whole world has been lifted from my shoulders. Ann-Marie has helped me to deal with my anxieties and insecurities in the most sensitive and caring way, which has helped me to love and value myself, and my life, in a way that I haven’t done since my happy childhood days. Thank you Ann-Marie!” Gemma – West Sussex

Self love is the key to happiness