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Soul Guidance


Soul Guidance – These sessions are designed for those who are on their Spiritual Awakening Journey and need support on the next step. It can feel an amazing time with much awareness, but it can also bring up many challenges and fears as the ego (our old identity) falls away.

  • You may be tentatively on the early stages and all hell has broken loose or you are realising there has to be more to life and are seeking answers.
  • You may be further down the path and have removed a lot of blocks to your true essence but are having a wobble, uncertainty or are triggered and unable to see what is really happening.
  • You may be in a space of awareness, a spiritual teacher or healer, coach, author/creative, business owner or wish to deepen your connection and live and work from your heart but feel stuck or in need of clarity.
  • You may be choosing to be free of dramas in you life, which results in relationships changing or becoming more challenging and you are unsure of how to be in the changing dynamics.
  • You may struggle with the God word, and yet want to have a relationship with the God of your own understanding.
  • You may feel isolated, confused and fearful of how to let go and let God.

I will meet you wherever you are and will help you to remember the truth when you have forgotten or are feeling lost or doubtful.  I will embrace your true divinity and hold a space of love and see your true beauty and wholeness. Together we will step back and allow grace to guide us – we will listen deeply to our hearts and return to love. In that place the perfect unfolding will transpire.

1hr session – £65

Dive Deeper Session – £150 (3hr session)

Your True Self – Michael Lechner

“I saw your Soul spinning, twisting, dancing, twirling like a top and I saw the smile on your face the blush on your cheeks and the light on the Beloved reflected in your eyes, and I knew right there and then that your Spirit and your Body were One and that you had finally fallen madly, passionately, fully in love with your True Self.”