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Express Yourself Dive Deep & Breakthrough

Who Do You Want to Be?

This is a powerful day where we work together to break through and EXPRESS the magnificent YOU! We will look at the old programmes, fears and beliefs but we will also focus clearly on the NEW YOU that is waiting to be born, to be heard and to be seen.

You will find a deeper power and presence within and be willing to EXPRESS it with clarity, passion, determination and courage. There will be specific self expression activities that will challenge you and are meant to push you beyond your comfort zone. This will be done with great respect, love and a desired vision for your future self. This day is therefore ONLY for those of you who are ready to STEP FORWARD and who wish to WALK through NEW DOORS into the unlimited and boundless potential of the UNIVERSE.

I know you CAN DO IT because I have done it – and I have witnessed many people who have done it too! If you are ready – LET’S DO IT!

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“I loved Ann-Marie’s down-to-earth approach as she guided us through each topic with grace, wisdom and humour. It helped make any new concepts easier to understand….but more than that, we were able to fly off like wee fledglings and live it! Ann-Marie induces confidence as you know that she lives what she shares with you. Not just coming from the head from a cerebral place but from the heart, the very core. There’s such an ease around her which is infectious.” Jane – Brighton

Your True Self, a poem by Michael Lechner

“I saw your Soul spinning, twisting, dancing, twirling like a top and I saw the smile on your face the blush on your cheeks and the light on the Beloved reflected in your eyes, and I knew right there and then that your Spirit and your Body were One and that you had finally fallen madly, passionately, fully in love with your True Self.”