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Relax and Surrender

Time For You…

This is for those of you who are stressed out, worried, anxious or have lost your va va room for life. You may also have physical symptoms and are feeling unable to sustain a life that is meaningful, joyous or fulfilling. This is a package that is designed to give you the evidence and information behind the way many people are living in survival.  I will help you to support you to see the old limiting patterns/programmes and small talk,  as well as inspiring you and teaching you specific ways to find balance, homeostasis and focus on the person you really want to be.

This process takes time, commitment and a way of understanding stress and will therefore be over a six-month period. You will be committed to creating a regular spiritual practise to include meditation, time in nature, journaling, self-responsibility and radical honesty. This will be totally bespoke to you and we will agree on how you can best bring these changes into your life.  Depending on your location this can be in person or via zoom or skype.

  • This starts with an initial 3hr session where we will get clear on the pathway ahead
  • 5 monthly one to one’s – 1.5hrs
  • Monthly Meditations
  • Handouts
  • Homework
  • Inspiration, insights and videos sent to your inbox

Investment – £775

Information and payment options available on request. Contact me for a free half hour discovery chat.

‘I’d reached a point in my life where I knew I had issues relating to my childhood that were holding me back and restricting my quality of life, causing me to carry a knot of anxiety around in my stomach… I saw Ann-Marie over a period of time and she helped me to address my fears and look at and heal my past in a serene and safe environment. My relationships began to change and I became happier, stronger with more sense of myself and the world around me and this in turn enabled me to let go and trust life. Furthermore as I cast off the shackles of my past I feel more contented, self sufficient and happier than I ever believed possible. I no longer experience the panic, fear and hopelessness of the past as I now have a set of coping mechanisms to support me.

Ann-Marie has been a huge support, loving, encouraging friend and true inspiration to me. I no longer have a knot of fear in my stomach, instead I feel butterflies of excitement and life is expanding and getting better and better’. Julie from East Sussex